5 Costs I Didn’t Know When Starting a Blog

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I’ve been blogging for over a year now and it’s true what they say about how quick and easy it is for just about anyone to start a blog. And so it surprised me was when I incurred all these extra costs after a year of running my blog! How come no one ever mentioned the additional costs of growing and running a blog after its first year?


Here are 5 costs I had no idea about when I first started a blog!

1. Web Hosting

Your domain and web hosting are two entirely different things.

Domain Name Registration

Domains are relatively inexpensive, and what you’re paying for is reserving the domain name. In my case, my domain is blogwithme.ca and I paid $9.99/year which I bought at GoDaddy.

The first year is usually the cheapest, but as you renew your domain name after your term, the price usually jumps up. In my case, after this year, it’ll cost me over $15/year for my domain.

Web Hosting Servers

I knew I had to pay for a domain but I had no idea that I had to pay to store all of my site’s files and database on a server! Much like you would pay rent for an office space to set up your business. So you can think of web hosting as the rent you pay a hosting company to store all your site’s files like images, blog posts, pages, comments, links, etc.

That also means as your blog grows and generates more traffic, then you’ll need to upgrade your hosting plan to accommodate the increase of readers requesting to see your website from the server.

Hosting Plans: $10-50/month

2. Email

We all need an email and we’ve been told to ditch the Gmail address in order to look more professional, and to get an email with your blog’s domain. Sometimes you can get a great package deal that includes your domain registration + web hosting + emails!

Professional Emails: ~$6/month per email or ~$70/year.

3. Security

Prevent from getting hacked!

Take it from someone who had one their WordPress sites hacked, it’s not fun and I had to hire a professional web developer $200+ to clean out the malware. It was a total nightmare to deal with and could have easily been avoided if I installed a security scanner.

Everyone thinks it’ll never happen to them until it does and it’s a bitch to clean up after!

How does it work? It performs daily scans of your website to find and eliminate malware before it gets ugly!

Website Security: $70+/year

Private Domain Registration

Did you know you can look up the name, address, and phone number of someone who registered for a domain? How scary is that!? That means, every time you buy and register a domain name.. your personal information is published to a public internet directory for anyone to see!

Check it out yourself, use this website and enter your domain name here to see if your personal information is public!

To hide your personal information, you’ll want to register your domain name privately.

Private Domain Registration: $9.99/year per domain

4. Themes + Photos

It’s certainly possible to start a blog using a free theme and royalty free stock photos you find on the internet, but let’s be real here.. if you want to take blogging seriously then you gotta up your game. One of the easiest way to differentiate your blog from other hobbyists blogs is to get a theme that fits your blog’s personality, it’s a one-time fee so it’s definitely worth the investment.

Wordpress Theme: $50-100

To ensure your content stands out amongst the sea of bloggers, it definitely¬† helps to use high-quality and original images. If you’re a photographer and can take some awesome photos for your blog, GREAT! but if you’re like me and ain’t got time for dat.. then buying stock photos is another option!

Purchased Stock Photos: $5-15/each

5. More storage, Wifi Speed, Data Plan, Theme & Plugin Support

These expenses are a bit of a stretch but keep in mind that as your blog grows, you’ll need to find ways to accommodate the growing infrastructure. I’ve had to upgrade to a high speed internet connection and increase my wireless data plan because when you spend all your time in front of a computer or on your phone, cutting 10 seconds off your download speed is definitely a productivity hack in my books!

I’ve also had to buy extended support for my Themes and Plugins when things start breaking down, which have amounted to $120+/year.

So there you have it! The 5 costs I had no idea about when I first started blogging! Here’s a round-up of them:

  • Web Hosting = $10-50/month or $130-$600/year
  • Emails = $6/month or $70/year
  • Website Security Scanner = $70/year
  • Private Domain Registration =$9.99/year
  • WordPress Theme = $50-$100 one-time
  • Purchased Stock Photos = $5-$15/each

Did I miss any unexpected blogging expenses? Let me know in the comments below!